What is First Contentful Paint (FCP) and why it's important

After the server has responded to the internet user's request, the first thing a user will see is your FCP

There are a lot of factors that can affect the search engine ranking of any website. Google has hundreds of parameters to judge the usefulness of a website. These are called Google metrics. Google wants to rank the websites which give a better user experience. One of the parameters used by Google to rank the sites is given below.

What is FCP

This is called first contentful paint. After the server has responded to the internet user's request, the first thing a user will see is your first contentful paint. The time taken to show the first contentful paint is an important factor. It can be an image, background, or text.

How to find your website FCP speed

The website should quickly show the first contentful paint to the user. This way, they will know that more content will come to them soon. To see the speed of showing FCP, you can use Google Insights, or you can use UptimeZone speed testing to know the details about the speed of contentful paint. This can either be background or some written paragraph that will appear on the website first when the other things are still loading on the website.

How first contentful paint affect users

According to the latest research, if a website does not show anything within 3 seconds, the customer will press the back button to go back to the search engine. This is especially important for mobile users because they are always in a hurry to get the information. If the first contentful paint is not shown within the first three seconds, people will start to go back without even looking at your website's content. This means that you can have the best content on the internet, but your bounce rate will be higher because of weak optimization.

How FCP affect SEO

As per Google, website speed is an important factor in ranking the website at a higher location on the search engine results page. Another thing that indirectly affects the search optimization of a website is the bounce rate. Google directory sees that your website is not loading quickly if your FCP is slow. The search engines will also mark a site unuseful for the users because people will go back without even looking at the website. On the other hand, optimizing the FCP can greatly improve your ranking on Google.

How to improve FCP loading speed

There are many ways you can optimize your website so it will load faster and show the first contentful paint early. Firstly, you can change the host of your website or change to a better hosting plan. Secondly, you can check which font and which colors will load quickly and use them on your website. You can also check what the size of your first contentful paint is. Pages with smaller size and better fonts will improve the first contentful paint loading speed. You should also consider focusing on first meaningful paint with first contentful paint to optimize your website for higher ranking on Google.

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