HTML meta charset attribute

An attribute used to define the character encoding for any HTML document

HTML meta charset attribute is used to define the character encoding for any HTML document. Character encoding is indeed an important factor for all HTML websites. That's because -- there is a huge selection of character sets available, for example, foreign alphabets, Latin letters, mathematical symbols, special characters, Arabic numbers, and much more.

To display these characters correctly and accurately, HTML encodings should be integrated into all websites. If HTML encoding is not enabled, then there will be some basic issues. For example, the browser won't be able to understand the character, and it will display it incorrectly. As a result, the users won't be able to read the website's content text properly. Similarly, it will cause problems for the search engine results as well. Search engines won't be able to find and fetch the correct data if HTML encoding is not available for a webpage.

With this, you have revealed the importance of HTML character encoding. Are you now wondering how to define it for an HTML page? Here comes the role of the HTML meta charset attribute used to define and specify the right character encoding.

There are different types of charsets available, such as ANSI, ASCII, UTF-8, and ISO-8859-1, etc. Among these charsets, UTF-8 is mostly used.

The HTML meta charset attribute has a strong relation with website SEO (Google search). Without HTML encoding enabled, a website and its contents won't be properly visible in search engine results.

To be more precise, the search engine platforms will fail to fetch the right data about a website if the content isn't displayed correctly. When your website doesn't appear in the search engine results, the website ranking will be negatively impacted.

If HTML encoding is not specified or the HTML meta charset attribute is not set, it will cause the display issue of characters. When the users visit such websites, they will see broken texts, or it will appear that the site is malfunctioning. This will further lead to an inferior and unsatisfactory user experience.

Hence, for the proper display of characters with the chosen font, it's important to use the HTML meta charset attribute.

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