What is the HTML Meta Description tag?

The HTML Meta Description tag is used to summarize your website's content

Meta tags are those invisible yet important tags that help your website to get good rankings on the search engines and drive potential traffic/visitors to your page. To be more precise, these tags are used to provide brief information about your page to both website visitors and search engines. Especially, the HTML Meta Description tag is used to summarize your website's content. Note, the search engines display this summarized snippet of information in their results.

Certainly, this ensures a good user experience as the visitors get to know what's your website is all about before they navigate/click on it. So, this tag allows the website owners to advertise their content to the visitors and persuade them to visit the site. Ideally, you should use this particular tag to highlight the most important and intriguing elements of your website's content and aim to stand it out in the search engine results.

The HTML Meta Description tag supports around 155-160 characters (including spaces). Of course, the summarized snippet of your web page's content must fulfill this character restriction. Note, the meta description must be compelling and unique. It should employ the right keywords and most-searched phrases and avoid spammy words.

How it affects website SEO (Google search)?

The HTML Meta Description tag can play a pivotal role when it comes to improving your website SEO. For example, it can impact the CTR (click-through-rate) of a webpage and further helps your page to gain a good ranking. The compelling, readable, and unique meta description of your website can improve the click-through rate. With an improved click-through rate, your page ranking/SEO is improved too.

Search engine platforms are nowadays more focused on improving user experience. Here, the meta description tag can play a significant role as it can satisfy a user's query very efficiently before he/she lands on your webpage. The tag ensures that the visitors get to know the concise, useful, and upfront information about a site before navigating to it. Taking all of these factors into consideration, it can be stated that this special tag can improve user experience as well as search engine rankings/SEO.

How does it affect the website, visitors, etc.?

As mentioned already, the meta description tag's key purpose is to provide a quick guide and insight about your page to internet users. It essentially provides a short and relevant summary about your page, which acts as a pitch to convince the users to visit/click through the website.

It's important that the meta description tag displays click-worthy, accurate, and unique description so that the visitors can distinguish which websites are useful and which one should be overlooked.

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