What is the website Favicon (.ico)?

A tiny and little icon that gets displayed right next to the page title on any browser tab

Have you heard about the website favicon (.ico)? Well, it's the very tiny and little icon that gets displayed right next to the page title on any browser tab. The favicon will also appear when you type a URL in the address bar of a web browser. This icon is also used in order to bookmark a webpage as well. Even more, some web browsers and search engine results may display the favicon too.

The favicon is indeed an important part of any website. It ensures better site recognition, and it even offers you an excellent opportunity to expand and increase your site's branding. With better branding of your website, it increases your website's visibility that further ensures better SEO ranking. That's why it's essential to add a unique and distinctive favicon to your website. If you do not add any specific favicon, it will display a generic one that your web host service provider usually offers. The problem is that thousands of other websites may end up having the same generic favicon, and hence your website won't get any advantage or benefit in terms of branding.

How does the favicon affect the website, SEO, etc.?

The favicon is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your website's visibility among the target customers. It definitely ensures better recognition and branding awareness. Note, the favicon has an extremely tiny dimension, which is 16x16 pixels. The favicons support the .ico file format only.

Oftentimes, the website owners use their official logo to display it as favicon. In this way, it adds an extra perk and polish to your website that the targeted visitors will surely appreciate. A well-designed favicon should be in-line with the theme and logo of your website, and it will allow the visitors an easy and quick way to recognize your webpage and find it as a trustworthy and reliable site.

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